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Here are the results of the D Coy club survey…

The survey saw 47 respondents, a statistically relevant response rate for the size of our club (approx. 84 members).  As you can see from the screenshots, the club’s response has been OVERWHELMINGLY supportive of this project. 

  • 100% of respondents feel the project represents the values of our club.
  • Over 90% feel the project benefits enough people and community groups
  • Overall, the project is a rated a 9/10 by our club including support for the $1,500,000 donation over 3 years

 Regarding Question 6, we had 18 comments from Rotarians – almost all of which were in full support of projects as it stands.  There was one concern regarding the level of detail in the financial plan on the project – and another regarding worries that this project could adversely impact our Wellness House commitment (this would NOT be the case, only funds that are not allocated would be used for the D Coy Project).  The remaining 16 comments were in full support of the project, some even calling for an increased donation amount! Finally, there were 14 Rotarians who indicated that they or their companies or somebody they know would be interested in donating to the project.  Wow!! NEXT STEPS:  President Kris would like to have one final discussion with executive the review the results at the club’s next executive meeting, Tuesday, August 28th, at 11:30 AM at the Stonebridge Hotel (Clairmont Room) – all club members are welcome to attend any executive meeting – there is an open door policy!  This gives some time for those that may not have had a chance to respond to the survey to make their feelings known to the executive.  If there are no further objections at that point, we will pick and publish a date for a club vote to decide the fate of our support for this project.   The executive is aware that there is a LOT of support for this project, however, we still want to make sure we take the time to listen to as many members as we can as we make our decision.  To those that want to see this project started yesterday, thank you for your patience as we make sure all is on order as we look to embark on this large project. Finally, a HUGE thank you to Andy Stewart and Bruce Tattrie for the many hours of work they have put into getting this project off the ground.  This project would not be an opportunity for our club without their hard work!


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